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San Salvador

San Salvador is home to many monuments, ruins and shipwrecks that directly reflect its rich history, including five memorials that commemorate Christopher Columbus’ arrival in

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The Exumas

With sapphire-blue water everywhere, The Exumas are an exotic collection of dream destinations. Footprint-free beaches, ultra-exclusive resorts, and islands fit for celebrities make this tropical

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After Hurricane Dorian, Freeport is back to doing what it does best: welcoming guests to one of The Bahamas’ most beloved destinations. Our calm after

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Water Sports

One thing we have plenty of is crystal-blue water. And, yes, it feels just as amazing as it looks. Averaging 80°F year-round, it’s perfect for

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There is no finer journey than the one that leads you to paradise. Whether you’re planning a quick getaway to Bimini, a cruise along the

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The strong faith of our early settlers, who came here in search of religious freedom, has greatly influenced our islands. You’ll find churches everywhere—even in

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