Private Flying

Nearly every day, our weather is as clear as our water. The cumulus clouds dot the sky at around 2,500 feet in the morning, rising to 7,500 feet in the afternoon. These are the perfect conditions for flying. Wherever you’re headed, just about every vacation spot on The Islands Of The Bahamas has an airport where you can safely land. Plan a trip. File a flight plan. Take off, touch down, refuel your soul! Click here to signup for our monthly newsletter.

Please Click Here to view our Domestic Health Travel Card, per recent protocols that have been put in place as it relates to Covid-19 travel requirements throughout The Bahamas.

If you have any questions about the usage of this card please refer to The Bahamas Ministry of Health’s website by Clicking Here 

To view The Bahamas Tourism Recovery & Readiness Plan for Airports and Seaports please Click Here

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