More isolated and less developed than any other island in The Bahamas, Mayaguana is the ideal getaway for travelers seeking a secluded escape. Whether it’s footprint-free beaches that look as though they could appear on the front of a postcard, a plethora of fishing hotspots or small countryside fishing villages inhabited by friendly locals, Mayaguana is the perfect combination of seclusion and charm.

Mayaguana is the only Bahamian island that still bears its original Arawak name, which is said to refer to a specific species of iguana found nowhere else in the world. The island was a favored base for pirates before residents began migrating from nearby Turks and Caicos in 1812. Today, it’s home to just 300 locals who live in three main settlements—Abraham’s Bay, Pirate’s Well, and Betsy Bay. The villages are quaint, rustic and located no more than 15 minutes from each other, making Mayaguana a very close-knit community. Most residents make a living by fishing for conch and farming the land. Visitors looking for adventure can dive through sea caves at Northwest Point, go “crabbing” at Horse Pond Beach, reel in a bonefish, or take a guided tour of the three main settlements.