Ragged Island

Quiet, serene, and hilly, Ragged Island isn’t as rough as its name suggests. The island is a haven for avid fishermen, with its unparalleled flats ideal for bonefishing. It’s not uncommon to snag an abundance of grouper, snapper, barracuda, tuna and king fish during just one day on the water. The beaches of Ragged Island are mostly unexplored, and the coves are perfect for picnicking, relaxing and combing for shells. Those looking to explore by land will find several historical landmarks, quaint towns and authentic handmade Bahamian crafts. It’s an adventure unlike any other.

Little is known about the early days of The Ragged Island chain other than the settlement of Great Ragged Island was named Duncan Town after its founder who developed the island’s salt industry. Ragged Island is believed to have been a pirate safe house at one point, with its rocks and caves offering great hideaways. Blackbeard’s Bay and Blackbeard’s Well signify that the pirate may have established his headquarters near the well because of its unique location. Today, just 72 people call Ragged Island home. Because the population is so small, the three religious denominations on the island get together at the same church each Sunday and celebrate as one community.